Screen Printing

danpress (1)Our machines print up to 800 shirts per hour. Our shop has two full lines of production with multiple automatic presses and dual driers. Our top-notch equipment allows us to provide you with a vivid and long lasting image.

Why is screen printing important to me?

Screen Printing is great for rebranding launches, corporate events, sport teams and fans, family reunions and gifts. T-shirts, posters, labels, decals and signage are some of our most popular products, but we are able to meet customers’ needs for many types of apparel or other promotional products.


Screen Printing Process

press2_small (1) A screen print, or serigraph, is a print made by pushing ink through a screen. It is basically a stencil technique. To understand the time and care that is taken into each silk screen printing project, we have provided an overview of the process. It starts by sending us the artwork. Then, we produce a composite proof from the artwork and printing instructions, which helps demonstrate what the end product will look like.

Our proofs will show you the ink colors used on your order, the print size dimensions for your artwork, and will confirm the specific print locations you have requested. After approval, we put the artwork on screens. The final step is to create your unique product using our advanced printing presses.